Between Ayanda and Nonku who is more beautiful?

In spite of the fact that Sfiso Ncwane has passed away, his life and the legacy he established will ensure that his name is never forgotten. Not only was the man who sang “Kulungile” a talented musician, but he was also attracted to gorgeous women. We are only aware of two of the ladies that have been in his life up until this point. They are both wonderful people who exude tremendous flair and are exceptionally successful in business.


Ayanda received a lot of attention after Sfiso Ncwane passed away, and her gospel group Abathandwa was making a lot of noise at the time. However, Real House of Durban is where the majority of people first became familiar with Nonku Williams. This is how many people became familiar with her. Both of the women, as is customary, exhibit attractiveness and intellectual capacity. When it comes to selecting a worthy partner, the celebrity has never been known to make a mistake.