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awesome wedding ring tattoos 2015 2016

Wedding bands are the true visual identities of a person to indicate their marital status. These visual markers and made from metals like gold or platinum with diamonds and other precious gems studded. But the love bands are also made of ink and they are called as wedding band tattoos. Depending on the culture and locality the importance of wedding band varies. In few cultures it is the only way to depict they marital status of the individual.

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wedding band tattoos designs 2015 2016

Varieties of wedding bands like the plain, hand crafted, contemporary Celtic and lot more other designs are available and all these are made in ink as the wedding band tattoos. Wearing these wedding bands can symbolize the love for each of them in the couple. It is a very important custom in the west and is a matter of tradition in many parts of the world.

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astounding finger tattoos for 2015 2016

Since the fingers are the most exposed part, people want the tattoos sitting on them to look impressive. Well, the designs to be worn by the person depends on her/his personal interest or taste. Some like to keep it simple and neat while some want it to be flashy and unique. There are also a few who get a statement or lettering inked on their fingers. The choices and variety is endless. Today, we bring for you one such variety of  finger tattoo styles. Take a look.

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wedding ring tattoos designs 2015

One ring you will never lose, and will stay on your finger forever, is a ring tattoo. More people are getting ring tattoos instead of forking over huge amounts of cash for jewelry because they are stylish, totally customizable and will never slip off and get lost. They only way a ring tattoo can go away is if it fades, and even then it’s easy to visit a tattoo parlor for a touch-up. If you are looking to ditch the traditional jewelry route and give yourself a ring tattoo, here are 14 examples to get you started.
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Best Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs 2015 2016

Have you ever lost a ring? You may have misplaced it when you went to bed and can’t find it in the morning. You may have taken it off at the gym and had it stolen. You may have even lost it to the garbage disposal if you’re a truly unlucky soul. Losing a ring can be like losing a huge investment, unless you bought it from a vending machine. Losing a ring can even take a toll on your marriage if you happen to lose an engagement ring or wedding band that is full of symbolism.

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