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Cassper Nyovest breaks silence after being blamed for Patrick Shai’s death

Cassper Nyovest is getting savages from a lot of fans who blame the Doc Shebeleza hitmaker for the entertainer’s own death. Many people know that before Patrick killed himself, the late veteran entertainer pushed Cassper Nyovest to a fight on a video. In a bad way, Patric said that Cassper was the son or daughter of a b**ch. This caused a lot of people to be shocked, but the entertainer later apologized in another video.

During the self-destruction, Cassper thought about what he would do.

After news broke that Patrick Shai had killed himself, Cassper was very quiet. People were waiting to see what he would say. He tweeted, “Gwitsi Modimo” around 3 p.m., which is Tswana for “God only knows.” Angry trolls rushed to his tweet to say something negative about him. When Cassper found out, he and his fans were to blame for making Patric go over the edge.

“I trust this man to make you angry.”

“I trust this man to make you angry.” It was one of the things that was planned for Mufasa. Another fan said that the rapper didn’t know what the person who died was going through. Cassper may have been the same thing that made him want to kill himself.

The person who caused their own death is to blame.

In spite of the fact that they are down, some South Africans want to know what caused the older man to kill himself. His family asked for protection, and they are probably not going to find out what was written on the self-destruction note, if there was one. At the point where he tried Cassper, he kept talking about how he was going to pass. This meant that the match was on his list of things to do. The man may not have been able to deal with sadness or something else that made him angry, and no one else should be blamed.

Somebody said that Patrick should try to get Cassper to move. In the event that everyone was paying attention to him, he could have taken his own life out of the blue. Patrick would use his own death as a reason to raise awareness about male depression.

Because of the mistake, Cassper felt bad.

Cassper said that petitions are very important. It’s the best way to be safe, and God won’t leave you. After Shai died, he didn’t use his name in the two tweets.

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Dj Maphorisa has got people talking today

The competition is starting to be tough on the side of Dj Maphorisa, and it looks like the rebrand of his new name Madumane is starting to cause a serious problem for his brand, because most people know him as Maphorisa and now he is also using the name of the rising Madumane who does live performances a lot.



But Maphorisa on the other side is a club Dj and loved by everyone because of his contribution to the music industry where he is also one of the pioneers of Piano music that has taken the country by storm, and many people are worried about how he will handle this two brand.

People might want to book him as the Dj and others want to book him as the performer which might cause a huge blow because he had to prepare for both events as a different person.

But South Africans still think that the brand of Maphorisa is the one that deserves huge recognition in the industry.

Because it has been many years since it has offered the country good music.

See Mzansi Best Doctors Who Will Melt Your Heart

Today we get to engage more and meet some of mzansi top actor doctors. These are people who are portraying characters of medical doctors and doing an exceptional job on it. Through their characters they encourage many people in the country to be in both medical and acting fields. They have been in the industry for a long time and continue to be some of the best actors in the country. The following are five top actors who are being said to be the best when portraying the doctor character.









1.Dr Elizabeth Thobkgale

Amanda Manku is a South African actress and sports caster. She portrays the character of a doctor at Turfloop Hospital on Skeem Saam.This is an award winning telenovela with over millions of viewers in the country and has been recorded as one of the educational soap opera in the country. She has been in the acting industry for a long time and has been said to be one of the top loved actors in the cast.

2.Dr Siphesihle Cele

Pearl Monana is a South African African actress and business woman. She portrays the character of a doctor on Generations The Legacy aired on SABC 1 from Monday to Friday at 20h00. She portrays the character of a hard working doctor who would do anything to save lives of people.

3. Dr Luyolo Dzedze

Karabo Maseko is a South African actor and businessmam. He portrays the character of doctor in Generations the Legacy alongside Dr Siphesihle Moroka. His jounery in the acting industry has inspired many people anc he has been said to be one of the most loved actors in the cast.

4. Dr Zulu

Mike Dlangamandla portrays the character of a doctor on Durban Gen. It one of mzansi top viewed television soap opera currently aired on Etv. He has won the hearts of many viewers because of his acting skills.These characters are playing an important in the country. Through their acting skills they motivate many people to be the best and work hard to find themselves in the medical field. Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

Carl Niehaus wife is fire, Her beauty, cleanliness and fashion sense will leave you stunned

According to reports, Carl Niehaus appears to have found the love of his life after three failed marriages in his whole life. With three separate divorces in his previous marriages, Carl Niehaus, the former spokesperson for the National African Congress, had a bad track record in the marriage department, but this time around, it seems like he found his true love.

Carl Married Nolie Mdulie, who is his fourth wife. The two have been married for years and have children together whom they are raising it should come as no surprise that he is a family man who genuinely cares about his wife and child, regardless of his differences with the African National Congress and its favored ally Jacob Zuma, and despite his criticism of the ANC. Carl Niehaus is always seen with his wife wherever he goes. He always gushes her on his social media platforms.









Niehaus isn’t afraid to show off his beautiful wife; the former Nelson Mandela spokesperson isn’t afraid to flaunt her beauty and is proud to be in her company. The two are frequently seen together in a variety of political occasions and meetings, including in support of the former president, Jacob Zuma, as well as other causes and initiatives.

Following their public appearances, it appears that they are truly compatible with one another and that they are both deeply committed to the politics of the of County judging from the way they support Jacob Zuma.

Nolie Mduli is an African woman who is proud to be an African. She is gorgeous and she Makes sure to rock her Africa attires and appear as beautiful at all Times. She has flawless skin and a great physique.

Generations Actress Manaka Ranaka opens up on struggling to run her farming business

SAD! Generations Actress Manaka Ranaka opens up on struggling to run her farming business.

Generations The Legacy actress Manaka Ranaka who plays the character of Lucy Diale on the SABC 1 soap opera, has opened up on struggles to get her farming business running. Having announced the desire to venture into horticulture farming on their Mzansi Magic family reality show The Ranakas, Manaka confesses struggling to kick start the project.

During a question and answer session on Instagram, Manaka Ranaka was asked by a fan how her farming was thriving; she shocked Mzansi after revealing that she hadn’t started the project yet.

Manaka Ranaka opens up about farming business

Manaka Ranaka: Image Credit @Instagram/manakaranaka/

“I haven’t started. Do you know how difficult it is for a single parent to try and buy land? Now I am stuck here trying to save the money and secure the land, but one day I will overcome.”

Despite struggling to raise money to kick start her farming project, the actress remains optimistic about one day owning a farmhouse.

During the same question and answer session, Manaka opened up on the struggle to get pregnant with the third child. After ten years of trying with multiple partners, she gave birth to her third and only son.

“I struggled to get pregnant with many partners and finally did. It’s also about getting the right partner like later did,” said a giggling Manaka.

On playing Lucy Diale in Generations The Legacy

Manaka boasts a rich experience in acting, a career she started at eight years of age while she was in Grade two. Though Lucy Diale on Generations isn’t the most extended onscreen character she portrayed, she revealed that it’s the most crucial role and has opened doors for her career. However, she doesn’t share many similarities with her onscreen character.

Lucy Diale on Generations The Legacy

“When people meet me, especially in shopping malls, they expect the Lucy Diale character and attitude, which is a lot to handle, but I try my best. Lucy and Manaka have a few similarities but

MaMlambo From Uzalo Gushing Over Her Bump. See Picture That Revealed Her Gorgeous Bump

MaMlambo From Uzalo Gushing Over Her Bump. See Her Gorgeous Bump

It’s so motivation to see one of Out South African entertainer celebrating subsequent to discovering that she is pregnant. Gugu Gumede famous known as MaMlambo from Uzalo has been carrying on with her life ever she emerged to report her pregnancy. She has been serving us with her stunning knock.

The entertainer as of late took it to her Instagram page where she flaunt new pregnancy. She looks so wonderful and beautiful simultaneously. Pregnancy truly suit her so well that she have solidarity to tell us.

With subtitle: “How to hide your bump”.

Brought into the world in 1991 Gugu Gumede is a South African entertainer who is notable for playing the personality of a prophetess, Mamlambo, in the soapie Uzalo. The Uzalo entertainer Gugu Gumede had a charming every one of her supporters when she chose to astonish them that she was anticipating her first kid.

Taking to her Instagram page the entertainer share the charming news, the 30-year-old posted an image of herself in her developing child knock while wearing a wonderful and staggering dark dress planned Indoni Fashion House dress.

Regardless of the amount we have disdain about her in Uzalo, the way that she is pregnancy has left everybody paralyzed. Mzansi has been getting some information about her sweetheart since the time she handled a job in Uzalo. We have not seen her posting any photos about her sweetheart, even in her profile picture and in web-based media there isn’t hint of her new beau. What we can be sure of is that she is single and carrying on with private life.

The entertainer has enjoyed some time off from acting since she is pregnant. Individuals have been saying she left Uzalo, the uplifting news is she is in maternity leave she will be back subsequent to conceiving an offspring. Fans ought not surrender from watching Uzalo, no body will play her job.