Man Announced Getting A Job To His Mother In Style And Left People Emotional

Today let’s talk about the man who left people speechless following the way he announced to his mother that he is now employed. All parents wish success for their children. There is no parent who would want to wish their children to be unemployed after school. Parents tend to go through a lot of obstacles when raising their children. Remember that there also some single parents who never find it easy to raise their children. We need more stories to encourage kids to work hard so that they can put smiles of the faces of their parents.

Parents need to be celebrated for the hard work and lots of sacrifices that they make for their children. A man on Twitter left people speechless as he revealed to the public how he announced to his mother that he is now a qualified employed engineer. He bought flowers and put money notes on them for his mother and wrote words on a card board. You could see from the smile on his mother that she was happy for her son.

He has touched the hearts of many people by this. This only revealed to the masses how appreciative he is to his mother. There is nothing as beautiful like the mother’s love and let it be know that they also need to be celebrated and spoiled the way you spoil your girlfriends. What’s your take about this?

Checkout Stunning Photos of Carol Tshabalala, The First Female African to Host FIFA Ballon D’Or

S.A.-based broadcaster, producer, and voice artist Carol Tshabalala is well-known in the world of sports broadcasting. She’s employed by SuperSport International and Premier League Productions (IMG productions). In Zurich, she made history as the first African woman to host the FIFA Ballon d’Or. She has defied the odds by being a woman of colour and a rising star in a field that is overwhelmingly male.

The sports anchor married Solomon Manana for the first time at the age of 19 after a brief courtship. The marriage of Carol Tshabalala and her husband was not a happy one since he mistreated her in many different ways. The couple separated in 2006 after six years of physical and mental abuse on her part. Both Joel and Solomon were born to this union; she is the sole parent to both of them. The host raised her late sister’s son Joel as her own after adopting him as a child. who has a boyfriend named carol tshabalala The presenter has been linked to a number of men after her divorce from her first husband ended in divorce. Rapper Sbu Motloung, with whom she was in a relationship for a brief time. After rumours surfaced about Sbu’s infidelity and the fact that the sports anchor was seeing someone younger, the couple called it quits in 2015.

Tshabala announced her resignation from the station in 2011 after ten years with them and joined SuperSport. One of the reasons Tshabala left SABC, she claimed in an interview with BONA Magazine, was that she didn’t feel like she was using her full potential there. As a result, her lacklustre performance as a correspondent for ESPN at the 2010 FIFA World Cup had an impact on her self-esteem. Another interview with Times LIVE revealed that Tshabala felt she wanted something larger, which she felt SuperSport might provide, as SABC had curtailed its sports programming at the time.

The First Lady of Sports went worldwide in June 2016 when she became a live studio anchor for Barclays Premier League Productions (IMG productions). As a result of her work there, she has been an announcer for a number of Premier Soccer League matches as well as interviewed Chelsea Football Club star and famous player John Obi Mikel at Stamford Bridge. Additionally, Tshabalala’s duties as a sportscaster included co-hosting SuperSport’s 10-year anniversary celebration in January 2017.

See her photos Below





To date, she has covered several sports events, including the FIFA World Cup (Germany in 2006 and South Africa in 2010), Olympic and Paralympic Games (Athens in 2004; Beijing in 2008; London in 2012; and Rio in 2016), the Commonwealth Games, as well as the Laureus Sports Awards. They have also written screenplays, produced and presented numerous events such as World Cup drawings, Ballon d’Or, FIFA Congress and conferences as well as corporate events as Tshabalala has covered sports.

Zolo Nombona Scares Fans

Zola Nombona is having the time of her life playing with Pamela Khoza on Generations: The Legacy. Fans have grown to like and embody her individuality at the SABC 1 drama collection. So tons to the factor in which her ultra-modern put up scared them a chunk as she nearly made it appear as even though she turned into leaving.Source: Twitter




Taking to her social media, Zola confirmed gratitude to the Generations group and startedt’s been an adorable adventure with them, “What an adventure. I’ve been with the Generations own circle of relatives for over 6 months now and what an adorable adventure it’s been.”

Zola stated she could have joined the telenovela tons quicker however the timing turned into by no means right, till 6 months returned. “I’ve had a couple of possibilities to sign up for the group however it by no means came about due to the fact I bet the timing wasn’t right. I notion I turned into now no longer an extended shape actor due to the fact I lose interest effortlessly however speedy realized that I sincerely didn’t have the stamina for it,” she stated.

Source: Twitter

Zola stated she may be very thankful for the possibility and the guide from her fans, “I’m so thankful for the possibility that I was granted to be in this show.”

Just whilst she made it appear as even though she turned into leaving, she stated her individual is ready to shake matters up at the show. “Pamela Khoza is ready to shake matters up!!!! P.S I’m now no longer leaving the show, simply displaying gratitude for what God has accomplished for me.”

Source: Twitter

This is the second telenovela she has ever acted in. She bagged a function on BET’s Isono gambling the individual Zoleka Sigcawu.

Speaking to Daily Sun on the time she stated, “It’s been a completely exciting journey and I’m playing it. I sense lucky and blessed so one can faucet into those distinct kinds of mediums in terms of acting, whether or not it’s theatre or a location-primarily based collection or telenovela.”

Zola had a fitness scare some weeks in the past and it turned into because of her overworking herself. Apart from Generations, she turned into additionally the host of the fifth Royal Soapie Awards nominees statement which have been broadcast on September 1.

“Sometimes lifestyles remind us that we’re mere mortals. Reminder to be the type to yourselves fatigue and burnout is an actual thing,” she stated on her IG stories.

Source: Twitter

Not simplest that, however, she is likewise a mom too which maybe now and again a complete-time job. “Being a running mom is truly one of the hardest roles I’ve needed to play. There are days in which I locate myself so worn-out I should cry. Then the guilt kicks in. ‘You can’t be complaining of being worn-out whilst you’ve been blessed with work, and doing what you adore at that’ I assume to myself. Then I begin feeling anxiety in my head as I head returned to getting to know my strains and running,” she stated in a preceding IG story.

Is she playing a good at playing that part?

Finally, Zakes Bantwini album is about to be released soon

People can admit that Zakes Bantwini is one of the artists that the country has been blessed with because of the new music that he brings on the entertainment were he kept on making people dance, and this has helped his career a lot as he got a lot of exposure in the past year’s.



The man from Kzn has been working with different artists in his music careers like Dj Black coffee and the group called Shana and all are from Durban, and this has helped a lot when it comes to discovering another style that he can use on his music these days that was singing.

Bantwini has promised a lot of his supporters that he will be releasing his new album soon because he is just promoting his new single that has made the country dancing this days.

This time the man from Durban is preparing something special for his fans so that they can enjoy their festive season on a high note.

Peoplee celebrated this good news that this guy has just announced on his social media page were interact with his followers every day.

Mapitsi Is Very beautiful -Check Out Her Lovely Pictures

Mapitsi Is Very beautiful -Check Out Her Lovely PicturesPerformer Mogau Mohlatswi has gotten one of the forces of the informative soapie, Skeem Saam since it’s beginning.




She is striking as far as concerns her as Mapitsi the kid mother and darling of Thabo Maputla.

Nevertheless, Mogau Mohlatswi is apparently exceptionally her mother’s baby youngster.

Her mom is obviously contradicting age since mother Mogau looks correspondingly as new as her daughter.

The mother and young lady match even achieve some work together, as they are brand emissaries for Sunlight washing cleaning agents.

Mogau Mohlatswi actually got in contact with to her mom on her birthday, by refering to the stanzas of Alicia Keys’ 2007 hit single Superwoman, with a picture of them in all white.

Regardless, when I’m a disaster area, I really put on a vest with a S on my chest! Thoughtful yes I’m a SUPERWOMAN!”

Happy birthday Sesi! My mom! My stone! A Superwoman!”

The performer was considered on the thirteenth of July, 1992 in the town of Mogoto, in Limpopo which makes her 28 years old.

From the outset, she should have been a lawful counsel then she changed to expecting to transform into a radio person, yet the acting bug seized her after she was familiar with performance and theater

In the year 2011, she was given a job as one of the leads of the renowned dramatization and she got known as Mapitsi from Skeem Saam.

She was one of the crucial cast people, including Amanda du Pont, Eric Macheru, Clement Maosa, Natasha Thahane, and Thabo Mamabolo.Map

Tshidi from Generation: The Legacy and her wife beautiful pictures together – see pictures

he’s a South African actress, singer, and television personality named Letoya Makhene. She was born on September 7, 1984, in Johannesburg. South African soap operas like Isidingo and Generation have made her a household name.

Idols South Africa debuted with Makhene as a host in the inaugural season.




She studied to be a traditional healer for a few months before giving up and continuing to work in Generations the Legacy till the end of this year. Kumkani Phakade’s wife and Tau Mogale’s sister, she played a legendary gangster in the film.

To train as a sangoma, Letoya stepped away from the screen in 2003 for an eight-month course at an initiation school; after some time, she placed her sangoma duties on hold until she could find a safe venue to do her practice.

In addition, she’s been a backup vocalist for Brenda Fassie since she was seven years old. Along with Dj Cleo and DJ Qness, she has collaborated on songs like “The One” and “I Get Weak,” and released solo music in 2016 and is currently working on her solo debut album. Makhene was featured in the song “Keep on Trying” by Dj Chyman.

Check out Letoya Makhene her wife beautiful pictures. They are stunning.