Anele Mdoda Defends Nomzamo Mbatha After Being Cyberbullied Over ‘Heartbreak’ Video

Anele Mdoda has defended Nomzamo Mbatha from Twitter trolls who cyber-bullied her over the ‘heartbreak’ video that went viral.

Her response was seen as a disguise to help cover up her real feelings about her supposed heartbreak. She also received some mean comments from people saying she was having a meltdown and is putting on a show.

Many people linked her response to her previous relationship with Maps Maponyane.

In between the laughing and the head scratching, Nomzamo said; “I don’t know what you’re talking about, OK. We are strong. We are moving. Don’t know her. What do you mean?… this is tough…What is a heartbreak? Is it a name of a street? Is it a mall? What is it?”

The actress has since muted her Twitter account following topping the trends list on Monday.

Anele took to Twitter to slam the trolls and said she is probably going through the most whilst she is in the states alone and receiving such vile treatment from back home.
Her manager also slammed trolls and said the actress was just having some innocent fun.

Phumza Nohashe said “Anyone with half a brain and being an authentic follower of hers should see that Nomzamo is a fun and lighthearted person, and suffers no more issues than the unqualified Twitter psychologists who are currently diagnosing her every facial muscle movement.”

Exclusive: Khaya Dladla On Life After Uzalo And His Thriving Radio Gig On Gagasi FM!

Multi-talented TV actor and radio host Khaya Dladla, who was thrust into the spotlight after he bagged the flamboyant and quick-witted character of GC on, SABC1’s fan-favourite popular sudser Uzalo, has moved on with his life. This follows after his character was written off the story-line, on the show.

The talented actor who dabbles as an entrepreneur and a radio host, recently got up close and personal with ZAlebs about his illustrious career in the limelight and his thriving radio career, after playing the renowned character on Uzalo.Image Credit: Daily Worthing
Khaya who started his career in the entertainment business 23 years ago said his plan was not to be on TV. He elaborated that he saw himself dominating the airwaves and being famous for his beautiful voice on the radio.

But he was thrust into TV when said Duma Ndlovu, the producer of Uzalo said to him he must audition on Uzalo and he landed his big break on the show. The entertainment industry is known for the glitz and glam and Khaya says it can either make you or break you.

Speaking on whether the industry has always been what he expected he said:mage Cred: The Citizen
“It is exactly what I thought it would be, definitely not easy, people don’t know, it has never been an easy ride, it has been a hectic ride. Some of the projects you work on are more profitable, some carry more weight some are more meaningful and some are more of a lesson”

“From working with different producers and directors you learn that okay I like this style of working so when I to get to this point I want to work like this person and you move to another place you realise that these ones they work like this and I don’t like that, then I won’t keep it, so every day you learn and also selective hearing is very important because also there are things you hear about yourself that you choose to stay away from, the industry is polluted so you must check carefully.”

Khaya Dlala had a successful run on Uzalo, however, his character was written off on the show. The flamboyant actor won the hearts of many South Africans, and became a household name. Speaking about his departure on the show he said it really hit him hard.

“The thing is with me leaving the show, I didn’t process it because I wasn’t told I was leaving the show, so there was no time for me to digest that in the next three months I won’t be on this show because, no one said anything to me about not coming back. Other actors were told that they won’t be coming back but I was not,” he said.

Simphiwe Dana Is Not Shaken By Calls For Her Downfall After Offending SA Men

Musician Simphiwe Dana stands firm to her views about South African men being gold diggers and being at the bottom of the barrel.

The artist ruffled a lot of feathers with her controversial tweets and that eventually called for her downfall.

Simphiwe released her latest album Bamako and social media users reckoned that she started this commotion on Twitter in order to draw attention to her music.

After offending many men in the country with her views, they have even called for people to boycott her album.

The singer did not show any remorse for her tweets and is not worried about a planned boycott of her album but has asked her followers not to pirate her music.

“Please try not pirate my new album. I know it’s way too easy to. And you’re suffering from your own mgowo. But please try and support artists. We bring you a lot of peace,” she told fans on Twitter.

However, Simphiwe remains unshaken, infact she showed how unapologetic she is by saying ‘she needs these man tears for her cocktail.’


Gold diggers: stop calling me a gold digger otherwise I won’t buy your album ?. Me: I need these man tears for my cocktail. What can I do to get more of them?

5:47 PM – Apr 24, 2020
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Just to jog your memory, the star wrote “Truth is that South African men are the biggest gold diggers. They even dig the maintenance money.”

She even refused to apologise to the nation when a tweep asked her to, she responded with ‘I think not’.

Simphiwe is enjoying the feedback on her album, even though may have promised to pirate her music.

Donald’s Train Of Love Album Turns 8 Years Today!

Mzansi’s favourite songwriter and composer Donald Moatshe, is beaming with pride today as his debut album is turning 8 years today. Donald who has carved out an impressive career in the SA music industry, is a multi-award-winning musician, who has accomplished what many could only imagine.

The album is still relevant to date, and many are still celebrating the success of it. The album boasts songs as I Deserve and Over The Moon, which won the hearts of many South Africans.

Trevor Noah Is Giving Away 50 Laptops To Educators!

Trevor Noah is in the spirit of giving again. The Daily Show host is known for his spirit of compassion and always wanting to make a positive change in the world. Trevor recently tweeted that he is giving away 50 laptops, for educators who are working online.

As Mzansi is hard at work to flatten the curve of Covid-19, schools have been closed and many teachers have been forced to teach learners online, by using digital platforms.

Trevor is also willing to do his bit by donating 50 laptops to educators, to make the teaching experience better. In a tweet Trevor said ” I’ve got 50 more Surface Laptops to give away to any educators who need a new device. Please tag your favourite teachers and I’ll pick 50 at random. PS – Teachers, you’re allowed to be your own favourite and tag yourself”

Cassper Is Disheartened At How The Entertainment Industry Is Not Prioritised

Cassper Nyovest got dragged for his tweets which he talks about how the entertainment industry is at the bottom of the barrel.

Industries have been suffering immensely because of the lockdown and the relaxation of the restrictions saw the entertainment industry not being prioritised, according to Cassper.

He took to twitter to express his disappointment at how things are looking bad for artists in entertainment and how he fears for the future for them.

“Sh*t is bad for the entertainment industry right now. I mean shits wild for every industry but we at the bottom of the pits & the bottom of the priority list. The private conversions reveal fear 4 the future and the fear to express how we really feel. Sending you all some light,” he tweeted.

Tweeps did not take his tweet lightly and called him out on his privilege, saying he has Bentley’s whilst there are people who are expected to survive on R350.

“You guys are so greedy and it’s painful because you are competing with your fans who sleeps on an empty stomach yet you complaining because your comfort is shaken. May God please help you see the light,” one follower tweeted in disapproval.