botswana safari holidays 2017

The Republic of Botswana Sub-Saharan Africa in the south of the continent of the most popular for lovers of safari tourism in the world, with an area of ​​580 thousand square kilometers, and a population of no more than two million inhabitants areas.

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south africa safari best season

Safaris of a special nature attracts many people, life wilderness filled with secrets that make you feel comfortable and psychological calm, as you can see many of the animals to normal in these trips and these animals: the lion and the African elephant, the Cape buffalo, leopard and rhino. We offer you a range of distinctive places wildlife and experience the great safari

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safari in south africa 2017/ 18

Safaris in Africa has become very popular among many people and over the years has become a lot of couples, families and youth amateur adventure to go to spend their vacation on a safari in Africa to enjoy watching the wildlife up close, the safari is a distinctive and unique experience without a doubt, but the problem the only where is that many people who go on these trips do not know much about them, Most of them do not know where is the ideal place to stay, or what things you should carry with him when he went

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