Bontle Modiselle matches with her mother in red dresses

There’s a saying that, if you want to see how your wife will be after having children, look at her mother. We don’t know how true this is but some women pass down their good genes to their children. For some it is also a matter of taking care of their health.




Bontle Modiselle-Moloi is a multi-talented actress, musician, Mc, television presenter and many more. She has hosted many shows such as Showville, SAFTAs and others. She loves dancing so much that she opened her own dancing studio. So far she has worked with both local and international stars in her dancing studio. 

She comes from a family of three girls, where she is the second born. Both her sisters are famous just like her. She shared banging pictures of herself with her mother. The mother and daughter duo are both wearing red dress, that are hugging their bodies beautifully. We definitely see where the girls get their good genes.

Mzansi Is Left In Tears After Seeing Musa Mseleku & MaCele Sharing Tears In TV In #Uthandonesthembu

The pressure that black men are put under for a white wedding, a white people’s tradition, is unnecessary, when they have completed all black cultural and traditional ceremonies. Musa Mseleku was caught off guard there by MaCele. Musa has failed MaCele after he promised her white wedding 20 years ago. In this latest episode of Uthando Nes’thembu, MaCele was speaking about the promised that her husband made with her, which he has failed to fulfil.




MaCele has resigned from being in polygamous marriage. She said she now wants to relax and raise her grandchildren. MaCele no longer want to part take in supporting the other wives when they have their white weddings because 20 years has passed, and it didn’t happen for her. She said she is not interested in the others. Musa Mseleku was left in tears as MaCele was speaking from her heart.

According to her, Musa has failed for the 20 years that they have been married. MaCele have given him a chance to many at woman he wanted and a chance to have 20 children. In the 20 years they have been together, Musa has 10 children and four wives.

Mseleku failed his wives, all of them. He neglected their innermost wishes. We saw it with MaNgwabe, MaKhumalo and now it’s MaCele. Musa is crying because he knows he can’t do it alone. And the other three can’t do it. MaCele is the pillar in Mseleku’s family. If Mseleku could lose her, like how she says she won’t be involved in anything.      

Dj Zinhle ‘s brother’ s traditional wedding pictures

Since the premiere of Dj Zinhle’s reality program on BET a year ago, we have had the opportunity to meet her three siblings, all of whom are very important to her. And the youngest member of the group is Zenzele Jiyane, who runs a business and manages artists. In addition to being a devoted fan of his sibling, Zenzele frequently attends concerts in her company. The information that Zenzele had a girlfriend and two children was revealed to us in the first season of the reality show. In the new season, which began airing this year, Zenzele proposed to his girlfriend in front of all of their friends and family during the celebration of his son’s birthday.




Everyone in the family was ecstatic, and Zinhle and the rest of Zenzele’s siblings have been providing support and assistance with the wedding preparations. Even showing the family purchasing blankets in preparation for a traditional wedding was shown in one of the episodes. A week ago, Zenzele and his stunning new wife posted images of themselves to Instagram dressed in the bridal garb of their respective cultures.

Babes Wodumo Making A Public Apology To Mampintsha’s Mom, Left Mzansi Happy

Babes Wodumo have made a public apology to Mampuntsha’s mom. Though, there was no reaction at all from Mampintsha’s mom. Today it was Mampuntsha’s funeral and family and friends were gathered to send him to his last rest. In a video which is currently circulating in social media, Babes Wodumo who is a wife of award-winning musician Mandla Maphumulo popular known by his stage name Mampintsha stand up and forgive her mother-in-law in public.






Babes Wodumo said that from today she has forgiveness to her mother-in-law for everything she has done to her. Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha’s mother have set aside their differences and make peace at the funeral of award-winning artist Mandla Maphumulo. Following years of a strained relationship between them. What Babes Wodumo has just done to her mother-in-law was quite profound, forgiving her publicly.

The country have been waiting for this day when they hear Babes Wodumo and her mother-in-law Zamanguni making peace. Both of them have lost someone they loved, now they have to work together.

With caption: “Mam MaGumede I forgive you for all your sins, all that making us fight must end today” – says Babes Wodumo.

Babes Wodumo forgiving Mampintsha Mother live on national TV is the best. Today, we expect Babes Wodumo to be left alone and celebrate and honor her husband the way she wants. Mampintsha’s father Mr. TI Maphumulo has spoken fondly of his late son. He says the late star loved the Lord and will be greatly missed by his family.

Mandla Mampintsha Shimora Maphumulo has been laid to rest today at Durban’s ICC, but Huli is not happy with KwaZulu-Natal government. This comes after the KwaZulu-Natal government offered to help Babes Wodumo with funeral costs of hee husband, Mampintsha. In her recent tweet, Hulisani Ravele asked the government if they will be spending taxpayers’!

The KZN Premier Nomusa Dube-Ncube says, Mampintsha was one of their best ambassadors, opening up their province’s potential to the world, creating jobs in the industry and the generations to come.

A heartfelt moment of a pic of the late “Mampintsha” looking over his son “Sponge. See the picture.

A touching photograph shows the late Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo gazing over his son “Sponge.”

On Friday, Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo, a member of the Gqom band Big Nuz, will be laid to rest in Durban.

His family, friends, and fans will gather at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Center in Durban in the morning for a funeral procession before proceeding to the cemetery.

On Saturday morning, two weeks after suffering a minor stroke, Maphumulo, affectionately known to his fans as Shimora, died in the hospital.

Thursday morning at the eThekwini Community Church, fans of his group, Big Nuz, will attend a memorial service to bid him farewell.

Zanele, a spokesperson for the Maphumulo family, stated that Bongekile Simelane, better known as Babes Wodumo, his musician wife, struggled to accept his death.

At that time, Zanele stated:

As stated previously, losing a loved one is a difficult experience. She has been ill for the past two days, but we are a family that believes in God. The prayers of both families, the Simelanes and the Maphumulos, have sustained and assisted her.

A week after performing with his band, the deceased musician was hospitalized with a stroke.

In July of 2021, Maphumulo and Babes Wodumo welcomed their first child.

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In addition, he appeared on the couple’s Showmax-broadcast reality show, Uthando Lodumo, which is currently in its second season.

On Saturday, in response to the news of Maphumulo’s death, social media was flooded with condolences from fans using the hashtag #RIPShimora.

His band, Big Nuz, brought Maphumlo to prominence in 2002. Gallo Records signed the band, which he, the late R Mashisha, and Danger comprised.

Big Nuz introduced hit songs such as Umlilo, Tsege Tsege, and Ngeke, ushering in a new era of gqom music.

Babes Wodumo makes amends with her mother-in-law in front of the everyone

Babes Wodumo delivered the speech about her relationship with Mampintsha and how it was. She said everything straight from the heart, she definitely wants to start her life afresh. While on stage, Babes Wodumo did the most incredible thing that people never thought she will do.



Babes Wodumo took this opportunity to apologize and forgive her mother in law who have been really bad to her. Yes, Mampintsha’s mother said the most horrible things to Babes Wodumo but she as her daughter in law she forgave her.

They both hugged and kissed. It means they have forgiven each other.

Hopefully they will both get something from Mampintsha’s wealth and businesses. Babes should also look after her where she can. Mampintsha’s mother opened her heart and arms to her daughter in law, it feels great to see them together as one again. Mampintsha is happy for this.