A former president has been allegedly rumoured dating a reality TV

President Jacob Zuma and “RHOD” star LaConco have been rumored to be dating, and it comes from the interactions that were seen fro6 them. That is something surprising and unexpected that it would be happening. But at the moment, it is neither proven nor confirmed by the two parties. People are all the time waiting on something, and they make conclusions.




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Breaking News: popular radio presenter sadly passed away

Miserable news famous radio moderator was affirmed to be died after a difficult sickness.

Many sources have honored the death of the famous radio broadcast moderator Tshepo Hlengwa who was famous known as Dr TP.

Hlengwa’s demise was affirmed by his radio broadcast Imbokodo 96.8FM telecom in pinetown KwaZulu Natal. The radio broadcast supervisor Mr Sandile Ngema reported on a live transmission through virtual entertainment stages, Ngema was exceptionally miserable and said he’s been working with Tshepo Hlengwa for the spent 14 years at Imbokodo FM.





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