Thank you Jakes for saving Jojo but Haibo many slices : #etvScandal

Thank you Jakes for saving Jojo but Haibo many slices 🤣🤣🤣 #etvScandalMonday 10 June 2024 – Episode 52**
A heated confrontation between lovers leads to a devastating admission of guilt. Dintle’s desperation takes a new turn as she runs out of options.**Tuesday 11 June 2024 – Episode 53**
Taps makes a verbal threat, leaving Mdala troubled. A sister has to explain her life choices to win back her brother’s trust.


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Shoki and Nkosi are happy…..their money is back

After Isaac gives his permission for the salon changes to proceed, Molefe’s joy turns to anxiety when Maria suggests that he learn how to cut men’s hair in order to contribute more to the salon.
Wednesday, 12 June 2024
After abducting Nandipha’s father, Funani contacts her and offers to make a deal for her father’s safe return in exchange for the money.


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‘She’s giving Skomota’: Comedian Mpho Popps’ daughter seriously atta cked for how she looks

Well-known South African comedian, television presenter, and actor, Mpho Popps’ daughter gets trolled following his comment on Mr JazziQ’s statement about YFM content producer Ngcebo.
In the recent episode of Popcorn and Cheese, Robot Boii cleared the air about what happened between Jazziq and the lady who accused him of harassment.

Mpho Popps





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