Has DJ Lamiez given birth?

DJ Lamiez Holworthy is a South African house DJ and TV presenter. She is married to rapper Khuli Chana. The two tied the knot in a traditional wedding in 2019 and officially signed as husband and wife last year. The same time they signed, Lamiez announced that she was expecting their first child together.



Months later Lamiez announced that she was having a boy and since then she has been sharing her pregnancy journey with her followers on Instagram, including her maternity photos and outfit ideas for pregnant women.

Yesterday She attended her husband Khuli Chana ‘s graduation ceremony at AFDA. And she was wearing a sheath brown dress that showed her flat tummy. This raised a question on whether she has already given birth to her baby boy? Because on the picture,the bump is no longer showing like it did in the past.