Kelly Khumalo and her list of celebrity ex boyfriends

People have said that Kelly Khumalo is cursed because the people she dated went through hard times, but that was in the past. Kelly is proud to be a mother of two, and she has the courage to stand up for herself even when people say bad things about her. Here is a list of the famous people she went out with.

1. Senzo Meyiwa

The Meyiwas won’t stop fighting until their son Senzo is treated fairly. Senzo was shot and killed at Kelly Khumalo’s mother’s house in Vosloorus six years ago. It’s funny that people who were there when the shooting happened don’t have any proof. Kelly was dating Senzo when he died, and the two of them had a 6-year-old daughter together.

2. Jub Jub

Molemo Maarohanye, better known as Jub Jub, is a rapper and TV host from South Africa. His show is on Uyajola9/9, Moja Love Channel 157. Christian Khumalo, Kelly Khumalo’s oldest child, is Jub Jub’s son.

When Christian was a baby, Jub Jub and his friend went to jail for murder and trying to kill someone. After four years, they were let out on parole. In 2020, Khumalo and Jub Jub were in the news because Khumalo said she doesn’t want Jub Jub around her son and that Jub Jub used to beat her up.

3. Prosper





Prosper Makwaiwa is a business owner and music promoter from South Africa. Back in the 2000s, Prosper and Kelly were an item, and many people say that Prosper took Kelly’s virginity.

Before he died on the way to the hospital on February 1, 2015, his health had gotten worse because of the accident in 2014 that put him in a coma for a while.

4. Chad a Don

Chad Chadon, a rapper, used to date Kelly Khumalo when she was with Ben 10. Chad Da Don was born in 1993, which is a long time before Kelly. She ended the relationship with him because she thought he was too insecure.