cute short and pixie hairstyles trends 2017

hi ladies pixie   many things depend on the color you chose for your new cut. Actually, for thin hair pros will advice going for fair color. Why Cause they give more volume. Perhaps this is why, ladies with thin hair prefer blonde hair colors. On the other hand, the platinum blonde colors are so trendy now, that no matter the texture, you are almost obliged to try them once.

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newest funky pixie cut in 2017 style

today style pixie haircuts for women that can help you get that unique haircut that will make you look cute and unlike from others.They will give a fresh and open look for your face. Besides, you can also add some chopped layers to create the natural and textured effect for your final look. If you want to make your pixie haircut look more fabulous, all kinds of bangs will help you to achieve that effect

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