Ways To Give A Luxurious Touch To Your Bedroom

once, plus you needn’t spend a lot of money – a perfect way to make your bedroom cooler. Change the hardware in the room, hang some metallic pendant lamps, go for metallic furniture legs and other, smaller stuff like candleholders. This is pure luxury without breaking the bank.Your bedroom is perhaps the most important place in your home, which should be personal, inviting and welcoming to unwind, relax and sleep, and on the contrary, to wake up in a good mood. Sometimes your

Cozy And Inspiring Bedroom Decorating Ideas In Fall Colors

should be very cozy and at the same time stimulate you to get up. Fall colors are amazing for doing this – red, orange, green and beige are cool to see them in the morning. To make the space cozier, the designers choose fall patterns and warm materials: wooden accessories – wood make it warmer, woolen bedspreads, knitted pillows. For a vintage fall look not traditional autumn colors may be chosen but lighter ones, though adding fall plants and birch bark accessories welp you to create the atmosphere. Wake up every morning and enjoy the design!

Muted/Neutral Fall Bedrooms

If you love muted and neutral colors, go for fall neutrals like beige, light and olive green, shades of brown, mustard, rust and muted shades of burgundy, purple and various greys. Spruce up your bedroom with patterns or just a couple of bright touches of the colors that you’ve already used. White and creamy will refresh the look creating a chic neutral fall bedroom.

Blue And Gold Bathroom Decor Ideas

Blue and gold is a very stylish color scheme that can inspire your next home renovation for sure, wherever you decide to apply it. Will it fit a bathroom or a powder room? Yes, sure! If you are interested in ways to do that, here they are!

Colors And Styles

Blue and gold is pure elegance, whatever shade of blue you choose: light blue, navy, bold blue, electric blue, powder blue and others, and gold will finish off the look with a refined feel. Such a color scheme can be refreshed with neutrals, with creamy and white, or made calmer with greys and tan if you want that, and brass can substitute that shiny gold if you want a more vintage feel.

Ideas To Organize And Decorate A Teen Boy Bedroom

Organizing Shoes And Clothes Storage

Boys, especially teens, are always untidy and leave their things where they want but you can help your son organize his things in the best way possible. If there’s enough space, make a cool closet with sliding doors and organize there everything with comfort: drawers, cubbies, hangers and so on. A makeshift closet is a hot trend right now, and you can use it, especially if there’s no space for a large closet. And just add a couple of wall-mounted clothes hooks, it’ll help your son to keep the room tidier

Ideas To Organize And Decorate A Teen Girl Bedroom

Organizing A Sleeping Area
Highlight the sleeping zone somehow, for example, place the bed on a wooden podium to separate it from the rest of the room, or choose a canopy bed or a bed with several draperies to keep privacy and make it more relaxing, especially if it’s a shared room. Add storage cabinets on the sides of the bed or go for curtains to separate this part of the room. Another cool idea is placing the bed by the window creating a wonderful sleeping nook, so your girl can see stars. This works, of course, only in the case it’s safe and private enough. Your girl will add LEDs, photos, pictures and other stuff she wants in her sleeping nook to make it cozier.

Scandinavian Girl’s Nursery Design With Touches Of Mint

The attic ceiling didn’t become a problem, the floor was divided into two parts according to the ceiling and one of them became a sleeping zone, and the second a playing area.

The furniture is simple and traditional: a white cot, chest, dresser and wardrobe, all of them can be changed according to the child’s age and needs. Above the crib you’ll see mint raindrops but these aren’t wallpapers, these are removable stickers that can be changed for other ones.

The toys are also Scandi-inspired, simple and mostly white, and you can see the iconic Miffy lamp, which doubles as a toy. There are numerous handmade decorations like garlands, pillows or fabric sacks for toys that were made by the mom of the little girl.