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nail art trends 2019 to try now

nails have gained a lot of popularity over the years 2019 because they enhance the beauty of the fingers as well as strengthen your natural nails. They are more natural looking, have a faster curing time as compared to acrylic nails, can last for more than one week and can be applied with or without a primer. Since we all have different preferences to nail art, we have gathered various gel nail designs to meet the needs of each woman

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beautiful nail art designs 2019

this kind of nail art is certain to keep you cool throughout the hot days, just like a glass of lemonade! Apply a lime-green base coat and top off with a light layer of cucumber green, before stenciling the lime in with a toothpick. print nails is always in vogue. This giraffe print nail art is bound to bring out your beautiful, wild side. The extra sheen can be achieved by applying a top coat after you finish the prints.

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Black Cat Chocolate-Dipped Cookies Recipe

Running into a black cat may normally be considered bad luck, but not when it comes to these feline-shaped treats. Dip your favorite cookies in chocolate and get creative with toppings and designs as you make the cat faces—the kids will have just as much fun making these as they will gobbling them up on Halloween night.

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Chocolate-Dipped Wookiee Cookies

Chocolate-Dipped Wookiee Cookies are crunchy AND Chewie! (pause for groans). These easy Star Wars candies will definitely bring out the beast in you. All you need are some store-bought cookies, candy coating, and (optionally) some candy eyeballs, and you’ll have your own army of delicious wookiees in no time!  Chewbacca would be so proud!

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