2018 elegant and styles shweshwe dresses

A couple of days before the shoot I met up with the darling Anelle of Seven Swans, and when I mentioned shweshwe she showed me a gorgeous invitation sample with a shweshwe envelope liner – so of course, we HAD to have that! (See, I told, you. Shweshwe. It’s a thing now.)The obvious place to include the fabric is on your tables, as runners and/or napkins. As mentioned above, the fabrics are usually complementary, so you can mix and match quite happily, as long as you stay in the same colour range. You could also consider having shweshwe bunting and rosettes (as this clever bride did), or a shweshwe sash for you or your bridesmaids. (Or go the whole hog and have a shweshwe dress

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Beautiful Red Nail Art Designs 2019

Beautiful Red Nail Art DesignsWhile you can choose a number of nail colours in your nail but if anybody ask you about your favourite colour then surely you will tell red. The appeal of the red colour is really universal. It is the original colour in which most the nail polish used to come. Whenever you put red colour on your nails you will become more confident and will look more feminine as well.

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