Modern Kitenge Dresses Style 2018

This fabric can also be used as the most adorable kitenge styles table spread or as a throw on couch. Printing on this cloth is done by the traditional technique. African Kitenge Dress Designs in africa styles.You can wear Kitenge maxi or Kitenge mini dresses on wedding depending upon your own preferences.This is the printed dress which is recently made and launched by the African fashion designers.colors combination. The upper area of the frock is in white color where as the lower area is designed in print works with yellow, purple and blue colors.

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Kitenge Nigerian Designs 2018 Best Collections

look really fantastic in this African print kitenge dress feature in this gorgeous kitenge dress of autumn shades.Lovely And Short Ankara Chitenge Cocktail Dresses For Fashionable Ladies chitenge cocktail dresses can be worn as holiday party dresses, for a semi-formal event, or even a night out with the girls. They’re dazzling and some and are some of the latest styles and trends you’ll find around for such moments.


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Latest Best Nigerian Kitenge Designs 2017

This dress women wrapped around there chest and waist. A part of this dress is wrapped onto the head as head scarf. In some countries around East Africa this dress is also known as Chintege and this type of dress is also worn by the men in hot or summer season. Men wrapped this dress around their waist.Women has the hottest look and also designed in some different colors. This is the most favorite kitenge dress design amongst the younger Nigerian women.

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10+ fashionable Nigerian Kitenge Styles 2017

designed by a beautifully printed work. A waist belt is also a part of this dress. Head covering fabric is also a main part of this dress which makes it look culturally.East Africa also like to wear this dress on different occasions. It is also seen that young girls are given this dress as gifts. Women also like to decorate kitenge dress in some different patterns and with some exclusive works. In the following steps the new and latest Best Nigerian Kitenge Designs

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nigerian kitenge dress 2017 and 2018 designs

There are a lot of designers who made very well progress in the past in making this kind of dresses. Now in this year of 2017 fashion designers of Nigeria also made and currently making the new and latest designs or collection of the kitenge dresses especially for Nigerian womenA lot of ladies tend to shy abroad from cutting Ankara to assignment because they don’t accept Ankara styles acceptable for work & African Print Skirt
Not to anguish dolls, we accept put calm a lookbook of Nigerian kitenge for assignment .

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