Latest Shweshwe Traditional Dresses Designs

 Shweshwe Traditional Dresses Designs Since fashion design became a well-established career, the study of various fabrics and their unique characteristics found its way into today’s world. Some popular names of such discoveries are organdy dress design and gingham dress designs. creating dresses, curtains etcetera. It is a very thin and sheer fabric, so it is designed in combination with another fabric, obviously. Following is a list of various dazzling organdy dress designs that you would love to wear.

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Latest Dashiki Designs For Women & Men 2018

This dashiki, taken from the northern part of the country traveled and became so popular that every.which means a shirt and this attire is usually worn with a skull cap known as the , worn by many Islamic people, in Africa and with a pair of pants.This excellent dashiki shirt is widely popular among the masses across the Africa and has slowly .dashiki shirt for men & women without sleeves and at the same time to give you the most funky look is the hood, to style up your personality to perfection.

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Nigeria Ankara And Lace Latest Style 2018

Nigeria Ankara And Lace your outlook in a unique way and make eyes pop around you. These styles will keep existing in 2017, 2018

a clash of styles and ladies need to flaunt their endless new styles any where they deem fit. But have you thought of adding some lace material to the Ankara fabric? It has proven to be quite interesting and fun too! Ankara and lace styles


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Latest Kimono & Hijab Styles 2018

Functional beauty of woman become with all blue and white color combination. Get royal touch in your kimono and Hijab styling that complete with loafer shoes and with a shoulder bag. Silver layer necklace in collar neckline and big size black sunglasses are additional accessories for woman chic beauty. With floral print loose fit kimono modern lady pair white shirt and blue fold up jeans

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Latest Best Nigerian Kitenge Designs 2017

This dress women wrapped around there chest and waist. A part of this dress is wrapped onto the head as head scarf. In some countries around East Africa this dress is also known as Chintege and this type of dress is also worn by the men in hot or summer season. Men wrapped this dress around their waist.Women has the hottest look and also designed in some different colors. This is the most favorite kitenge dress design amongst the younger Nigerian women.

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