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Modern Zulu Traditional Dress Design 2018

African zulu wedding was a unique take on a traditional occasion, a perfect fusion of their two cultures, with no detail overlooked  South African couturier zuluNguyuza made exclusively for the occasion – perfectly complemented with locally made, bold neckpieces & accessories by the talented Pichulik. The fashionable bride then later changed into her second couture dress


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2020 …. Shweshwe Dress Designs

So my ‘roots’ outfit for my daughter represents one branch of my family tree – the one with the strongest personal significance, and the most positive memories. Like the shweshwe dresses of adult South African women, and like my childhood skirts, R’s dress is modest, much longer than I would usually make for her. It incorporates two fabrics: white-spotted indigo ‘Three Cats’ shweshwe, and indigo red-and-white printed Kwa

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nigerian kitenge dress 2017 and 2018 designs

There are a lot of designers who made very well progress in the past in making this kind of dresses. Now in this year of 2017 fashion designers of Nigeria also made and currently making the new and latest designs or collection of the kitenge dresses especially for Nigerian womenA lot of ladies tend to shy abroad from cutting Ankara to assignment because they don’t accept Ankara styles acceptable for work & African Print Skirt
Not to anguish dolls, we accept put calm a lookbook of Nigerian kitenge for assignment .

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Latest African Party Dress Style 2020

check out this few trending designs applique inspired, i alone adulation this designs, they are absolute but in a added affable wayAfrican women dresses,African prints, African  fashion, Nigerian style,African ideas about african fashion dresses women’s dresses and skirts imported and made in Africa are perfect for 2017The book of the dress blends in with the African feel and goes above actuality aloof a absolute piece.

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