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beautiful shweshwe attires

The shweshwe can also be bought in printed skirt panels, and many dresses incorporate these. Indigo is the traditional colour but it has for many years been available in brown and red as well, and can now be found in purple, orange, pink and green for less traditional

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Beautiful Red Nail Art Designs 2019

Beautiful Red Nail Art DesignsWhile you can choose a number of nail colours in your nail but if anybody ask you about your favourite colour then surely you will tell red. The appeal of the red colour is really universal. It is the original colour in which most the nail polish used to come. Whenever you put red colour on your nails you will become more confident and will look more feminine as well.

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Top 10 beautiful nail art designs 2019

Super summery, this kind of nail art is certain to keep you cool throughout the hot days, just like a glass of lemonade! Apply a lime-green base coat and top off with a light layer of cucumber green, before stenciling the lime in with a toothpick. print nails is always in vogue. This giraffe print nail art is bound to bring out your beautiful, wild side. The extra sheen can be achieved by applying a top coat after you finish the prints.

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most beautiful styles african fashion ideas 2017

The African traditional fashion styles in africa attires are magnificent outfits that makes a wedding ceremony stand out. They are very distinctive, with a rich blend of colours; containing every traditional African elements that makes them vibrant and elegant.African Traditional We included acceptable African fabrics, jewellery and administration to actualize the best adorable images that are absolutely

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Looking For A beautiful ShweShwe Dress

Shweshwe dresses show a woman’s personality and fashion style. When choosing a african dress always consider your body shape, personal style and the rules for the event you are attending. Women have different body shapes hence a dress that flatters an apple shape will look different on a slim figure. You also need to consider the occasion. A dress that you wear to a beach wedding party will not look proper in a frican party.ideas by Seshoeshoe Inc.

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