Limpopo: King Monada Meets Pabi Cooper.

Ke Sweri Star Pabi Cooper. We encourage artists to continue working together this is because it is good for our economy

Imagine if the music artist from Durban in kwazulu-natal can also integrate maskandi music to also include people from other provinces such as Limpopo and mpumalanga and other provinces.





And also musical artist from Limpopo and mpumalanga to integrate their music and also tell their music and also include content from other provinces to get more supporters

King monada spotted wearing sundowns pet fishes with one of South African female music artist Pabi Cooper.

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Imagine singing a love song for someone in a voice note and they just blue tick you.

My King don’t say you are thinking of the third one.

I remember when growing up I told my parents that I want to be a sweet star.

We don’t call u King for nothing.