Uzalo’s Mamadlala from being a cleaner to being a soapie star

Our favorite movie heroes and heroines started out with nothing. They didn’t wake up one day and find that everything was in order. They didn’t just get lucky and become successful. They worked hard for it. When people talk about starting out with little, Uzalo actress Ntombifuthi Dlamini is a living example.






She never planned to be an actress, but when the chance came up, she took it and did her best. Ntombifuthi Dlamini, who was born in Kwamashu, used to work as a cleaner at a nearby clinic. The money she made as a cleaner wasn’t enough to take care of her own children and those of her late sister.

Ntombifuthi got to be in Uzalo when the producers came looking for people to play church members as extras. She was able to make a good impression on the producers, and they gave her a chance to play a church board member.

She didn’t have any acting experience when she tried out for Uzalo. God can, in fact, make you a hero when the time is right.