Meet Thomas Chauke and his five wives

Dr. Thomas Chauke, who goes by the name Shinyori, is a Xitsonga musician who grew up in the village of Salema in the province of Limpopo. In the 1970s, he moved to Joburg and met his uncle, who taught him how to play the Tsonga Guitar. This was the start of his music career. Before he began making music, he was married and had one child.

He started his band with 13 singers, but after a few months, only five were left. In 1981, he made an album called Shimatsatsa under the name “Thomas Chauke and Shinyori sisters,” which was a fake name.

“Thomas Chauke and Shinyori Sisters” became popular and successful. Munghana Lonene Fm gave him awards for “Artist of the Year.” He won a lot of SAMA Awards over several years. Dr. Thomas Chauke is a Xitsonga music legend who has won many awards.








Shinyori is a well-known musician who has been around for a long time. He has five wives and a big family with a lot of children and grandchildren. His four wives sing in the background, and some of them also take the lead. Connie Chauke, his daughter, sometimes sings with the Shinyori sisters as a backup singer.

Shinyori has been the best Xitsonga musician to the point where you can’t pick his best songs because they all make millions of people happy.

Themba and his sister Connie Chauke are also Xitsonga music artists. They are the children of his first wives.

Shinyori loves his five wives, and he even wrote a song about them. In the song, he said that his wives get along, but that other people say that they don’t. You’d see him with four wives in many places, probably because his first wife, Kedibone, is old. If you like his music, you’ll agree that his wives get along. They don’t have a choice; they just have to.