Connie Ferguson inspires her fans in recent post in the gym.

lways stay motivated in everything that you do because if not, you will fail. No one wants to fail, it is up to us as individuals if whether we are up to failing or not. When you know what you want, it doesn’t matter which day it is, you will be energized.



Nothing in life comes for free, you have to work hard for it. Connie Ferguson might be over 50 but she doesn’t look like it. The actress and businesswoman is one of the most hardworking women in the industry. She’s a boss lady because of her work ethics.

The Ferguson Films producer is a gym fanatic. She goes very hard in the gym no matter what day it is. She shared a picture of herself while in the gym. To say we are inspired is an understatement. She doesn’t look a day over 50. Which should all draw some inspiration from her.