MaMkhize Explaining How Bab Dlamuka Spoilt Siyacela In

Mzansi were left happy after hearing the truth about Siyacela in #IsencaneLengane reality TV show. Followers of #IsencaneLengane has been dying to finds out the behaviour of Siyacela and where did he inherit from. Viewers of the show were happy that someone from the Dlamuka family have finally said the truth. Bab’Dlamuka spoilt Siyacela. He created this monster.



Thando has visited Dlamuka’s home to speak with Siyacela’s stepmother, and also to find how was Siyacela when he was growing up. Thando revealed that Siyacela is now raising hands at her when they had arguments. The 4th wife have just proved that Dlamuka did use things to ensure that nobody leaves. And now this monitoring spirit in Thando.

Thando is still waiting to bleed before, she is still going around asking why is she being beaten up by Siyacela. Dlamuka use to beat his wife too. They will hate this “last born” wife for saying that on national TV, Dlamuka was put on a pedestal on over celebrated, while he was an abuser himself. Siyacela is that leaf who didn’t fall top far from the tree.

MaMkhize saw the situation with Bab’Dlamuka whilst dating, but still went a had kid with him and marry him. MaMkhize said everything. Siyacela’s mom tried to leave and met her maker, which is what would happen to Thando if she left?