Maseko’s Wife Surprised Dabula After She Said She Wants Maseko

Dabula is thinking that Mrs Maseko is testing her patients in Umndeni reality TV show. Mrs Maseko is trying by all means to remove Dabula from the family. Dabula came to the Maseko’s family before Kim. Dabula have been in the show from the first season of #Umndeni. Dabula has carried #Umndeni for so many seasons, for her to be the last person.




Maseko’s Wife have just came back after she left Maseko with children’s for many years. Maseko have revealed that he has hurt her so deep with his indeed. It was revealed during the show that Maseko’s wife left Maseko because of his infertility.

Viewers of the show have loved Maseko’s first wife, Maseko becomes someone else when he’s with her. In all the seasons of #Umndeni, this is the first time we have ever seen Maseko listening and being respectful to a partner. He knows how to act around the real Mamkhulu (‘first wife’).

Masako is stressed to his followers after noticing that they have never seen him do anything traditional. He is forever sitting down and instructing his women. Maseko always runs away from his problems. He always says the women must sort things out.