AKA: I am the greatest SA Hip Hop producer of all time, statistically.

AKA says that because he has produced most of his music himself, he could be the greatest SA Hip Hop producer. Well, how do we measure that? I think that every artist is talented in their on way and should be given praise, on measuring I’m not sure.

What determines that?


I think to be the greatest you have to have talent and passion for music.

Who is AKA?

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes was born on the 28th January 1988), known professionally as AKA, is a South African rapper. He was born and raised in Cape Town, Forbes gained significance after releasing his single “Victory Lap” which was released from his debut studio album, Altar Ego

The tweets had mixed reactions, well if he believes it, then he is the greatest Hip Hop producer in South Africa.

Here is what people thought about his statement: