Lehasa Will Do This To Khwezi For Trying To Put Him In Jail

Lehasa will spend time in prison Lehasa was supposed to enjoy the birth of his child, but things went very wrong when Khwezi filed a case against him for trying to kill her. Sergeant Peterson viewed the video in which Lehasa stated his intention to kill Khwezi.



Lehasa was handcuffed and taken to jail by Peterson, along with Phomolo, who was working with him. They will now send Lehasa to jail, but he will return soon, so I don’t think he’s as scary any more. He is doing all the wrong things carelessly.

Khwezi wants nothing else but money. Will she be able to get away with taking Lehasa away from her? She looks happy to see her. There is nothing Lehasa can do to free himself from Khwezi’s clutches for good. Pretty will most certainly return to save him and search for him.

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