Apparently she was not telling the truth about the place she posted

t is unnecessary that you would put yourself in danger by pretending about a lifestyle you are not even close to. Someone from Pretoria by the name of kgothatso has posted a picture of her new places and is being truthful about it. It is not a fancy place, but she is happy to have the opportunity to start a new life, and from the comment section, people responded with positive words.




From her social media account (Twitter), she has updated it as having graduated three times and then being a candidate for a PhD. She is from the KwaZulu-Natal province, and from the profile update, it may reach people to be concerned about it if she is not also lying about her educational history enrollment. On social media, many people are seen posting information that is not the truth about themselves, and you can’t trust them.

You can’t put your trust in social media information you read about people unless it is well known and confirmed. In that way, you are sure about the information provided, and it is widely known not to trust someone from the Internet about trading because many people have lost their money