“STOP Bothering My Family Says Pretty In Anger To Lehasa “

In the television series The SkeemSaam, Cedric Fourie and Lerato Marabe, who play lovers, have been able to keep viewers glued to their screens for days. Pretty Seakamela is currently portrayed by Lerato Marabe, and Cedric Fourie plays Lehasa Maphosa, the show’s protagonist, on SkeemSaam. Cedric and Lerato play a loving couple in this romantic comedy.

They have been lavishing them with their undying affection as more and more people have realized how well they complement one another. There was a time when it was said that the two were actually together. Many people are unaware that they have been taken off the market in both cases. Since Cedric Fourie started dating Pretty, Mzansi has fallen in love with him completely. Mzansi began sending him roses after he performed well. Pretty ignored Lehasa’s calls in the most recent SkeemSaam episode, leaving him in tears.


Their relationship, as far as I can tell, has reached its lowest point at this point. According to the most recent report from SkeemSaam Television, Lehasa had called Pretty numerous times, but she had not returned her calls. Lehasa inquired about Pretty when she called MaNtuli. Lehasa had been asked to leave her family by Pretty. She made it abundantly clear that she does not want a mushy romance with him. Lehasa broke down in tears when Pretty abruptly ended the conversation.

Lehasa seems hopeless; He is suffering the most from Pretty. The fact that he was in such a downbeat mood bothered a lot of people who watched the show. Lehasa has wreaked so much havoc on otherwise wonderful people that seeing him so emotionally drained may have brought some relief to some.

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