Dj Twasa and Lovers of Lesedi FM turns to be a great team on the station




The absence of Nyakallo Leine has made many listeners angry in the station because he has been working with DJ Twasa for a long now, and their work rate has been good all this years because of the same vision that they had on their show.

But DJ Lovers has been a great standby on the show while Leine is still on leaf and he has made a great team with DJ Twasa, who has a lot of experience when it comes to this kind of this of situation because she has been on different shows.

But the listeners have started to understand lovers well and this might help him to grow a lot in the station because people are expecting a lot from him.

It looks like Lovers has made the right choice to work with Twasa because this will be a huge chance for him to get more shows during the day.