Pax Gets Jealous Of Letetswe And Ntswaki, But Heres The Intersting Part About It

We haven’t seen SkeemSaam’s family while we have been watching him. Charles has been on screen for more than 11 years without ever seeing his family. We saw Charles and his family, including his wife, last week.

Mahlatse Moropo is a South African actor, voice artist, MC, dancer, and choreographer who plays Letetswe in SkeemSaam. Another actor who joined SkeemSaam is him. Another actor who succeeded in capturing the hearts of Mzansi is Paxton Kgomo, more commonly referred to as Thabiso Molokomme. In SkeemSaam, Paxton’s character appears to be very disrespectful.



In SkeemSaam:

Because Letetswe is the king, Paxton cannot easily subdue him. Paxton has finally met his match after he was seen bullying numerous SkeemSaam students. It would appear that a lot of people are pleased that Letetswe is standing up for himself and resisting Paxton’s bullying.

The writers of #SkeemSaam have received praise from the show’s viewers. A happy ending for Lehasa must be written by whoever is writing this story, according to some. Eunice lost all of her money, Jacobeth’s relationship ended in tears, Paxton keeps winning, at least let us be happy with Lehasa.

The show’s viewers have been hoping that Letetswe will become the main character in the following season and that someone else will take his place. Letetswe ought to lightly assault Paxton, according to SkeemSaam viewers.

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