PHOTOS: Meet Mancqobo from Uzalo five Children, The first born look exactly like her

Despite her busy schedule, Dawn Thandeka King always makes time to spend with her extended family. Actress Dawn Thandeka King’s tireless dedication to her craft has served as an example to a generation of aspiring actors. At the moment, she is considered to be among the best actresses in South Africa.

The King family of Dawn Thandeka is quite extensive. She was married to Jabulani Naomi, a prominent businessman on the Durban peninsula, for nearly 15 years before they split in 2017. At this time, Dawn Thandeka King is in a committed relationship with someone else.

Dawn is the mother of five children, four girls and a boy. Your age group rarely sees anybody with that many children. In contrast, Thandeka is a doting mother of five children. Age-wise, her kids are rather close together.

Thandeka has five children, all of whose names start with the letter j. First-born Jadazia is now a young woman. The second child is called Jason, the third is called Jayda, the fourth is called Jaydeen, and the fifth and youngest is called Jaedon.






Many people probably wondered why she named her kids the same thing. It could be the result of her own free will or the influence of the father. Dawn Thandeka is a gushing, doting mother of five who is not shy about sharing her love for her kids on Instagram.

Author’s subjective analysis.

Seeing a person of Thandeka’s level love her children so selflessly is inspiring. Youth are inspired by it.

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