Pics – Faith Nketsi and baby Sky off to their 6 week check up

Faith Nketsi shares beautiful pictures of her and her daughter going for their 6 week appointment. Faith Nketsi shared that she and baby Sky had a little photoshoot before going to her 6 week check up. Both mommy and baby girl looked beautiful in their pink outfits.





Faith Nketsi shared a tiny bit of her baby’s face. Fans in the comments section loved seeing Faith Nketsi and her daughter. They said that of all the versions of Faith, this one is their favorite. People also said that mother hood looks great on Faith Nketsi.

One troll said that they are being bombarded with Faiths parenting posts and asked her to parent her child privately. However Faith shut the troll off quick and said that they are not forced to see her content they can just unfollow.

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