Thato throws wine at Camilla’s face in the epic finale of The Real Housewives of Cape Town

Camilla’s face in the epic finale of The Real Housewives of Cape Town”/>In the dramatic conclusion of The Real Housewives of Cape Town, Thato hurled wine in Camilla’s face. It would be an understatement to say that The Real Housewives of Cape Town’s final episode was dramatic.

Viewers were concerned that the show wouldn’t live up to the excitement that the other shows in this franchise have produced because of its slow start.

The spectators quickly understood their error.

The program became one of Mzansi Magic’s most popular programs.

The tension leading up to Thato and Camilla’s ultimate assault has been building for several episodes.

With her erratic behavior, short skirts, incisive tongue, and fights, Thato was without a doubt the show’s main draw.

Thato and Camilla seemed to be close at the show’s beginning; the two even had a spiritual discussion because Camilla always said she was spiritually inclined.

Camilla always seemed to worry about Thato’s well-being and talked about her over drinking. Thato was also close to Bev in the beginning, but a shift started to happen in the middle of the show, and it seemed Bev didn’t like Camilla; she even bought sage to burn inside Camilla’s house.


The dynamics began to shift as Loveline grew closer to Bev after Thato and Bev fell out. Thato exposed that Loveline’s husband was having an affair and that Camilla was nearly killed by her husband to the ladies. Loveline started to build a bond with Bev and Camilla from there.

Real Housewives of Cape Town. Instagram/Real Housewives of Cape Town

CThato has been keeping a close eye on amilla, who has always been viewed as a shrew. On Sunday, Camilla, Bev, and Loveline announced that they were launching a winery business; the three came up with the name (Housewives Reserve); this was viewed as a backstabbing maneuver and an attempt to undermine Thato wine.

Loveline was afflicted with Pulldown Syndrome because she collaborated with Bev and Camilla to destroy Thato’s wine company, referring to it as a “Papsak” (boxed wine) in an effort to accomplish so.

Camilla examined Thato and referred to her as a fraudulent winemaker, prompting Thato to pour crimson wine into her face.

Since its Sunday premiere, the show has been trending on social media.

Rush was viewed as aloof and uninterested in the program, Rookie was the no-nonsense kind, and Lou became a popular favorite due to his integrity.

The show has become one of the channel’s most popular programs, and viewers are looking forward to the reunion, which snippets indicate will be explosive.


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