RIP:Known Artress KaMadonsela Died Here Is What Happened To Her In Imbewu

KaMadonsela, may you rest in peace. After the untimely death of KaMadonsela in Imbewu, spectators of the show were left reeling. Mzansi was left wondering what had happened to her persona. Everything was great just a few hours prior to her death, and yet she was still able to carry out her role in the concert without issue.

Brenda Mhlongo’s current roof KaMadonsela has come to an end. For her, it’s the end of the show. After her untimely demise, her story came to an end. The Imbewu: The Seed viewers are still in the dark about what’s going on. They are now wondering why and how the abrupt death occurred.





Brenda Mhlongo, better known by her stage name Mkhize, is a well-known South African actress and broadcaster. The actress Brenda, according to a reliable source, has decided to leave the role of KaMadonsela. A sour-faced e stated that she had left the show to join The River, which is currently in production. An insider tells us she has moved to Johannesburg and is getting set to begin filming for her roles in The River.