RHODurban: Thobile Made People Realise This About Her, It Was All A Matter Of Time

Reality television might be confusing at times, but the fans of “The Real Housewives of Durban” are still interested in finding out what goes on behind the scenes of the program amongst the cast members.

It is now time for the reunion that everyone has been looking forward to, and since so much time has passed, it is safe to assume that the appropriate questions have been asked.

The ladies have been transparent about some of the major obstacles that have persistently stood in the way of togetherness; nonetheless, there are other things that continue to be hidden.

After all that Thobile said, the viewers were genuinely persuaded that she was the one who carried the reunion. This allowed us to see a new side of Thobile, which truly startled a lot of people.

And a few of the viewers felt the need to point out that Thobile did not contribute all that much to the program, and that the most of the time, her presence was not noticeable at all.

It is possible that this was the case for a number of reasons, one of which is that she did not really fit in, and she actually also mentioned it that the other women had different lives. This is one of the reasons why this may have been the case.

This may have resulted in a number of issues, and we are aware of one specific woman, LaConco, who was not pleased to see Thobile on the show: she is the one in question here.

And because of her, there have been a lot of replies on social media since yesterday; the viewers had some things to say about Thobile and LaConco. She is the same reason.




During the reunion, it’s safe to assume that Thobile lost it a little bit; at one point, she even referred to LaConco as the devil. One might say that she completely lost it.

It was quite clear that Thobile was upset about a number of different things since her facial expressions conveyed the message clearly and she did not hold back from expressing how she felt

Now, some of the viewers were delighted that she took back her power; they noted that LaConco has always behaved like she is superior than Thobile. Now, some of the viewers were pleased that she took back her power.

However, there are some people who continue to hold the opinion that Thobile was never the proper fit for the program, and they do not want her to return for the next season.

There is quite a range of responses to this. One fan said that it was not surprising that Thobile had a lot to say at the reunion since she contributed nothing to the program.

And yet another viewer went on to explain that LaConco is truly the show, and that is why Thobile is even receiving the publicity that she is getting because of it.

As for Thobile, one might say that she was successful in making the audience recognize that she can be present in the program. It’s possible that she only need some time to acclimate, and if she returns for a subsequent season, we hope that she will have the opportunity to demonstrate her abilities.