What was supposed to be game of fun for Dr Lindelani ended up getting hurt: Durban Gen.

Thembi has been harmed and demands that Lindelani compensate her.Thembi acted out of anger. This happened after Lindelani lured her to a relationship with him.

Tonight, Thembi will bewilder Lindelani by pursuing her with a salvage vehicle. It is careful to communicate that individuals who are hurting themselves end up hurting others. After how Mbali treated him, Lindelani was harmed, and Thembi was undeniably a return quickly or blow-back instead of much else.





While Thembi was totally certain, ideally not accidentally, that she had tracked down her future friend. However, concerning Lindelani, the heart needs what it needs, and what it needs is Mbali, not her. He didn’t see Thembi as anything over a pain killer.

She had been generally sure, potentially unintentionally, that Lindelani was her normal accessory up until yesterday, when she observed that he is just playing her. Obviously she cared deeply about him, yet Lindelani was basically enthused about having a nice illegal relationship.