The truth is about to be revealed on Imbewu and here is what will happen

Secrets can never be hidden and not be revealed. No matter how long it can take, in the end they will be revealed.

The Rampersad family is one of the families on Imbewu surviving through business. The family consisted of a mother, father and two siblings. Unfortunately, the head of the house being Pranav was murdered by criminals who were once part of the show. The family is now left with Nirupa (their mother) together with Mira and Shria who are siblings. It has been revealed to the eldest daughter that Pranav was not her real father and her real father is Maharaj who has always been close to the family. Now, the secret is about to be revealed to another person who is a member of their family and that person will not easily accept it.

The late Pranav had a sister, Jyothi who is an aunt to his daughters. The secret will now be revealed to the mentioned aunt by the youngest daughter being Mira. When finding out, the aunt will fight and want to throw Shria and her mother out of her brother’s house.




According to TVSA, Jyothi will not start and end with throwing them out. She will go deeper wanting to punish them for Shria not being the daughter of her brother.

“Wednesday 25 May: Mira spills the beans about Shria’s paternity. Jyothi wants Shira and Nirupa out of Pranav’s house”, said TVSA about the upcoming episodes.

“Friday 27 May: Jyothi threatens Nirupa. Jyothi moves into Nirupa’s by force. Nirupa calls the cops and they remove Jyothi, kicking and screaming vowing to get them for this. Monday 30 May: Things get darker for the Rampersads, Jyothi seeks counsel from a traditional water lady who instructs her to perform a ritual that will lead to Nirupa and Shria’s punishment”, TVSA added.

It is good to see Jyothi fighting for her brother but the fighting is unnecessary. Yes, things might have been hidden for him while he was still alive but he is still the one who helped in raising Shria. A father can be anyone who steps up and raises a child knowing or not knowing that the child was his or not.

Jyothi must let what happened in the past remain there especially with Shria working very hard at the company whereby her step father worked to keep their family name at the top.

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