Simphiwe Dana Is Not Shaken By Calls For Her Downfall After Offending SA Men

Musician Simphiwe Dana stands firm to her views about South African men being gold diggers and being at the bottom of the barrel.

The artist ruffled a lot of feathers with her controversial tweets and that eventually called for her downfall.

Simphiwe released her latest album Bamako and social media users reckoned that she started this commotion on Twitter in order to draw attention to her music.

After offending many men in the country with her views, they have even called for people to boycott her album.

The singer did not show any remorse for her tweets and is not worried about a planned boycott of her album but has asked her followers not to pirate her music.

“Please try not pirate my new album. I know it’s way too easy to. And you’re suffering from your own mgowo. But please try and support artists. We bring you a lot of peace,” she told fans on Twitter.

However, Simphiwe remains unshaken, infact she showed how unapologetic she is by saying ‘she needs these man tears for her cocktail.’


Gold diggers: stop calling me a gold digger otherwise I won’t buy your album ?. Me: I need these man tears for my cocktail. What can I do to get more of them?

5:47 PM – Apr 24, 2020
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Just to jog your memory, the star wrote “Truth is that South African men are the biggest gold diggers. They even dig the maintenance money.”

She even refused to apologise to the nation when a tweep asked her to, she responded with ‘I think not’.

Simphiwe is enjoying the feedback on her album, even though may have promised to pirate her music.