zambian chitenge designs outfits 2017

Zambia chitenge is not limited to being used as an attire but, it is also used for carrying babies and a lot other things. Because it’s so versatile, the fabric is used in many ways. The chitenge used mainly for carrying the baby has got a different name. In some Zambian languages it is known as ‘Impapa‘ or ‘Inguwo‘.The Zambia chitenge is used extensively by rural folks and it’s widely used because it’s cheaper

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African Long Gown Styles 2018 Must See

people around you speechless. They are amazingly beautiful and also the best to rock elegantly.Ankara Gown Styles in Nigeria that you have to see them, these styles are Ankara fabric combined with lace or other materialsCreative And Unique Ankara Gown Styles In NigeriaTrendy Customized Ankara Gowns For Ladies. Have you ever wondered what gown should I put on when going out? or what new ankara gown style

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Latest Kimono & Hijab Styles 2018

Functional beauty of woman become with all blue and white color combination. Get royal touch in your kimono and Hijab styling that complete with loafer shoes and with a shoulder bag. Silver layer necklace in collar neckline and big size black sunglasses are additional accessories for woman chic beauty. With floral print loose fit kimono modern lady pair white shirt and blue fold up jeans

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100 Unique Shweshwe Styles for Women 2017

amazing dresses in africa shweshwe or se shoeshoe dresses 2017 year some brides choose to blend the two by choosing an elaborate shweshwe dress for their wedding day which incorporates both the gloss and glamour of a European wedding and the colourful shweshwe prints so important to their African culture:ch creativity in both Shweshwe dresses but which one is your fav dress..Just can’t .seshoeshoe continues to adapt and grow with the requirements of its wearers, evolving into durable daywear and expanding into accessories such as hats, bags and even upholstery and soft furnishings, while still remaining popular in traditional dress.

Shweshwe 2017 Traditional Dresses



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Best Nail Art Trends for Women 2017

nails on the runways astound us, and the spring/ summer 2017 nails are no different. It is incredible how such a small canvas can lend itself to so much creativity, and how big of an impact it can have on the whole outfit. The spring/ summer or perhaps it’s simply a question of ease of maintenance. Either way, short nails can be cute, and there are a ton of nail polish options for them.

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