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Unique African Attire Dresses 2019

The spread of fashion design institutes across Africa has bolstered the development of the fashion industry in Africa. Natives now make awesome styles out of their traditional cloth and export it to other parts of the worldIt is important to point out at this juncture that there’s little or no difference between the fashion clothing and the Ankara. Both are African wears and they all have a part to play in projecting the African cultural heritage to the world. An Ankara cloth that has not been sewn can be substituted in place of the shweshwe.

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Unique Nail Design Ideas 2019

nail art have become extremely popular these days, especially the metallic gold stripes. Depending on the design, the stripes can be vertical, horizontal, or in chevron stripes. The youth in particular are crazy over these metallic nails, the reason being they are great for night parties and activities as these nails give you an outgoing or flashy appearance.

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Unique And Different African Skirts 2017 + 2018

Unique and amazing skirt and blouse styles for African women. The styles and choices are very different and there is a style to fit every kind of occasion. These super stylish African styles can be made with the various African fabrics such as  African print, African lace, brocade, , and much more.Fashion Designers need to add so much creativity into Ankara skirt and blouse styles to make them fit into the modern world fashion.

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100 Unique Shweshwe Styles for Women 2017

amazing dresses in africa shweshwe or se shoeshoe dresses 2017 year some brides choose to blend the two by choosing an elaborate shweshwe dress for their wedding day which incorporates both the gloss and glamour of a European wedding and the colourful shweshwe prints so important to their African culture:ch creativity in both Shweshwe dresses but which one is your fav dress..Just can’t .seshoeshoe continues to adapt and grow with the requirements of its wearers, evolving into durable daywear and expanding into accessories such as hats, bags and even upholstery and soft furnishings, while still remaining popular in traditional dress.

Shweshwe 2017 Traditional Dresses



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unique ankara styles 2017 for nigerian ladies

  Latest Ankara Styles 2017 These fashionistas are proving Ankara book is actuality to stay! Ankara is so able and it is appealing air-conditioned to apperceive you can sew any architecture of your best with active print In Nigeria – For Ladies Only With Best Designs to Wear for Wedding, Fashion designers accumulate demography adventurous accomplish to branding and bringing to activity aces styles appropriately accepting us to abatement in adulation with the Ankara book over and over again.

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