DJ Lamiez Holworthy pledges tombstone for five-year-old Ditebogo

DJ Lamiez Holworthy is making headlines after she pledged to pay for five-year-old Ditebogo Junior Phulane’s tombstone after his untimely death in a botched hijacking.


The five-year-old was shot dead in Soshanguve as hijackers pounced on his father’s bakkie.

Reports have it that he was not in his father’s car when the incident happened. Confirmed reports have it that the five-year-old ran outside the house to meet his father, who had just returned home when he tragically met his fate.

Undoubtedly, the incident has since left many celebrities concerned about the lives of citizens. Hijackings have been on the rise over the years, and the government has yet to come up with a solution to deal with the problem.

DJ Lamiez Holworthy made it known that she was heartbroken by the incident as a mother. She made it known that botched hijackings and killings shouldn’t be a norm in South Africa.

However, against her remarks, DJ Lamiez Holworthy pledged money for Ditebogo’s tombstone. She posted on Instagram, “I have no words. My heart breaks not only as a mother but as someone who is proudly Pretorian. This can’t be our norm—Ka hana. I’d like to pay for Ditebogo Jr.’s tombstone.”

No doubt her post has since gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped. Her warm gesture moved fans, while others took a swipe at the South African Police Service for failing to take down car hijackers who have become a menace in the country.

DJ Lamiez Holworthy joins a host of celebrities who have voiced frustration over the rise in botched hijackings. However, South African actress Tebogo Thobejane recently expressed frustration in a now-deleted post.

Taking to Instagram, the bubbly actress said, “Our beautiful country is witnessing a genocide, with someone being killed every day, yet people remain untouched. This happens daily, leaving our kids unsafe amidst drugs, bullies, murders, and rapists.”

The actress added, “We urgently need intervention and military control to address this madness. Why is this happening? Enough is enough. We miss our country. God, help us. I don’t know these people, but we need God.”

No doubt this is not the first time the actress has made such claims, including hijackings and hits. Last year, she opened up about her safety fears after she escaped death by a whisker after a failed hit. Her car was showered with bullets as she made her way home from a dinner date with friends.

However, she managed to escape unharmed. Over the years, she has made it known that her life was in danger. She reportedly moved to Dubai for security reasons.