Congratulations to Amina Jack has been juggling

Congratulations to you sisi omncane *Amina Jack* sengathi izinyanya zakwa Jack may continue protecting you, and fly the Jack surname as you have representing it. Ngibonga your strong mind of juggling between work (acting) which was demending lot of your time and school work, Well done.





As we always say *It’s a Jack thing, you wouldn’t understand* well done once again!!Amina Jack is a young and talented South African actress who gained popularity while playing the role of Thokozani Zungu at Isibaya.She started playing the role of Thokozani Zungu at a very young age and was in the soapie until the very last episode.





The South African actress was born on the 2nd of December 2000 in a place called Newcastle, which is actually located in KwaZulu-Natal. She then moved to Johannesburg at a very young age and was able to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

The 23-year-old is actually living with the family that adopted her six years ago. It is reported that she was adopted by Ayanda Borotho, who actually played the role of being her mother at Isibaya.It was further reported that the biological mother of Amina Jack is Ethel Jack, and yes, the mother is still alive.

Acting Career

Did the acting career of Amina Jack started at Isibaya? The answer is actually no, she started her acting career at Zone 14.

The drama series remains as one of the best drama shows that ever appeared at SABC1. It was 2010 when Amina Jack sealed her first deal as an actress.