SkeemSaam:Somebody Via Virtual Entertainment Said Tonight

Melita is compelled to bite the bullet and look for convenience from Jacobeth.

Melita has failed to remember that she offended Lizzy. Presently she want a spot to remain at Lizzy’s home.

That is the thing you get when you are a home wrecker and that is lamentable. Everybody will consider you to be a Jezebel. Yet, there is a maxim in the Good book which says “he who is without transgression, ought to be the first one to project a stone”.


Am trusting that Meiki will figure out that John gave Melita pocket cash. Her ways of behaving is irritating me these days towards everybody in view of Ntswaki.

Example to kill sovereign’s. Everything reaches a conclusion in the long run. Excellence blur.

Last time was “Paxton Monnamogolo Wasekole Kgomo”. Jacobie is great at giving individuals epithets.

Melita will quickly return. She really wants to lower herself. When she return from hearing, she will show them the genuine Melita.

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