Ferguson sent her daughter a message of well-wishes & others followed.

Connie Ferguson is a popular South African actor and businesswoman, known to many for her role as Karabo Moroka on Generations, which she mastered for many years. She was married to the late Shona Ferguson, and they started a media company called Ferguson Films.





Today, she penned a sweet, entertaining and encouraging message to her daughter Alicia Ferguson. She reminded the young woman of how she was born and received onto this world. And also shared some experiences of the day she was born.

“This time 21 years ago, I had checked into Parklane Clinic, getting ready to deliver one of the best gifts God has ever given me. As I sit here typing this, that morning is replaying in my head. The anxiety, the excitement, the anticipation. I couldn’t wait to hold you in my arms. Your dad never left my side for a moment.” Ferguson said.

She went on to explain that, Alicia’s father was the first to hold her before they placed her safely on her chest. “I couldn’t stop marveling at how beautiful and perfect you were. And you have been that for the past 21 years.” She added.

Ferguson expressed her gratitude to God for every day, as she apparently can’t believe her last born child is 21 years old today. Watching her daughter grow has been her favorite activity. She thanks God for her life, heart, mind, spirit and old soul.

She said that her daughter has been her rock through the worst of times, and sometimes she asks herself where the young woman got her strength, courage, and wisdom. “And then, I remember that your middle name is Angel. And that’s what you have been, not only to us, but to anyone who has had the fortune of your encounter.”

“I love you so much, Alicia Angel Ferguson, and I am so proud that you chose your Dad and I to be your parents. He is smiling and celebrating you from heaven. I can hear him bragging. You wear him so well, and you wear God well. May God continue to guide your steps, protect and bless you with all your heart desires.” Ferguson concluded as she wished her daughter a Happy 21st Birthday.

Alicia responded in the comments, also passing her love to her mother. “Thank you so much Mamzo, I love you.” She said.

More other people commented with their messages of well-wishes to Ferguson’s daughter.