Generations: Dr Langa’s Ability To Read People Scares His New Patient

MaKhumalo has been trying to convince Nkosiyabo to allow her and Khanyisile to go back to KZN but he did not budge.

Nkosiyabo told them that he wants Khanyisile to stay with him until she gives birth. MaKhumalo asked a doctor to tell Nkosiyabo that Khanyisile needs to stay in a place where she is comfortable and she did that but Nkosiyabo did not listen to the doctor.


Sphe told Nkosiyabo that Khanyisile needs to take care of her mental health so that her baby can be healthy. Nkosiyabo told Khanyi to go and see Dr Langa and she did.

When Langa met Khanyisile with MaKhumalo, he asked to be left alone with Khanyisile. He asked Khanyisile why she came to see him and she told him that she did not want to come but she had to come for the sake of Nkosiyabo.

She told him that she is pregnant. Dr Langa told Khanyisile that she is a woman that has many secrets. Khanyisile got scared and went to tell MaKhumalo.