ANC official shares an amazing photo on social media

South Africa is blessed to have beautiful women and that’s something which isn’t highlighted a lot online. We can’t ignore the beauty that walks the streets of Mzansi everyday. Even though we might be having some challenges within the country in terms of power, unemployment, corruption and leadership, amongst other things. But we have to appreciate women that are doing it for themselves in different fields which are male dominanated. Even though, one would feel that they have a lot to prove, however they’re more than capable of doing work in their fields of choice.

Now, it was incredible to see two remarkable women that shares the same first name connecting with each other meanwhile on duty. The African National Congress (ANC) official Athi Geleba posted a picture of herself with the award winning journalist Athi Mtongana which has received a lot of attention on social media. The two ladies had to give each a hug when taking the picture, what was visible is that they had smiles on their faces and they truly looked like they’re related. As they had an amazing chemistry and you wouldn’t tell that they were at work, which gets to show that they’re enjoying what they do in their lives.




Geleba is a head of digital communication in the Presidency of South Africa which means that she needs to be in touch with a lot of individuals online. Also, she has to be a people’s person as she pretty much represent the president Cyril Ramaphosa and even ANC online. Meanwhile, Mtongana been working on different news channels such as ENCA and Newzroom Afrika, by the looks of things she keeps on elevating in her career. We love to see women enjoying each other company and wishing one another well in life.