ETV Scandal: Winnie Was Not Happy When She Went To See Tabea

Thabang manipulated Tabea into helping him to kidnap Winnie’s baby. Thabang told Tabea to take Winnie out of the house so that he could be able to take the baby.

Tabea took Winnie out on a date and Thabang went to take Winnie’s baby. Winnie thought that Tabea was her friend and she confided in her when she found out that her baby was missing.


Tabea comforted Winnie while knowing that she is the one that kidnapped her baby. Thabang bought a phone and went to Tabea’s place. He called Jojo and demanded money for Ransome.

Nhlamulo was able to track the kidnapper’s phone and it led him to Tembisa. Thabang went to meet Jojo alone so that he could collect the Ransome money.

Winnie and Nhlamulo went to Tembisa to look for her baby. They found Winnie’s baby with Tabea. Tabea tried to apologize but Winnie was disappointed in her.

They called the police and they arrested Tabea. Tabea was denied bail and Winnie went to see her. When Winnie was there, Tabea told her that it was her fault that Thabang kidnapped her baby. Winnie did not know what to say because Tabea was not keen on fixing their friendship.