“Dear ex, please move on and be happy.” Makhadzi

South African popular musician and performer Makhadzi was known to be dating popular musician Master KG. However, their relationship faced so many ups and downs, and ended up in a way we can’t explain.



Makhadzi has indicated that she is apparently struggling to start a new relationship on a social media post. “Dear ex, please move on and be happy. I am not crying because I still love you, I am crying because it is not easy to start a new chapter of life. I wish you all the best. We must make sure our new partners treat us well, so we can never think of turning back.” Makhadzi said.

Since the news about Makhadzi and Master KG’s break-up, we never had any rumors about Makhadzi being in a new relationship. It might really be hard for her, and let’s hope this will not affect her mental health and the great performances she has shown to us.

Since artists are creative, Makhadzi might as well give us the message or experiences of her heartbreak through music. This might help her to heal as well, plus she will be making money on the other side.

Her followers sent her some messages of support and comfort. “Hey Makhadzi, are you really crying, my Queen? Stop crying, I know you are a strong woman. Trust me, one day you will be happy, it’s not easy, of course, but God will definitely hear your prayers. Eventually, you are going to meet someone who will love you, for who you are as Makhadzi not as an artist. So, stop stressing. We love you so much, Makhadzi.”