OPINION: Ukhozi FM breakfast show is a disgrace

EDITOR: As a listener of big and small radio stations who bother to listen to the radio or a broadcaster who gives me what I need as a listener, I gave myself enough opportunity to listen to the morning program on Ukhozi FM broadcasted by Sipho Sgqemeza Mbatha and Nonhlanhla Mroza Buthelezi from 6 to 9am.

These presenters are killing the morning show even though they are given enough time as they come in at 6, whereas before they started at 6.30. The problem is that they are playing on time now, I was shocked when they played on the WhatsApp group of the staff there saying that Sipho should not recover but they were teasing him. That time could have been given to the listener to wish a colleague on the air. They have enough time now to control the program and its sub-sections. I have checked that this section they are arguing about can make it a section to wish the listeners a birthday because they fail to do.



The broadcasters must practice satisfying their listeners even though it is not easy because it is very easy for listeners to move from one radio station to another. I wanted the producer of the VBS morning program to come up with new things for the broadcasters because it is a level of competition and competition for listeners.